Dear Taylor Swift,

Over the years your music has made me fearless and has taught me to speak now (I have a huge shyness problem). Red has become my favorite color and my past relationships were ones that I should’ve said no to and I will remember that all too well but sometimes I feel 22 and I know that some people will cause trouble in my life but at the end of the day I will dance under the starlight in that little dress.
I’m trying to find a place in this world but being on the outside isn’t easy and I’m tired of growing up and want to find a love story that suites me. My past relationship has a sad beautiful tragic story of us and I wish to forget it but I’m not the lucky one and can you tell me why? I wish things will change and become less treacherous for me. As I’m 15 life has changed and so have friends but you, Taylor have not and I thank you for that!